5th of Tharoz, Age 313 in the Chain of Growth

The Cult of Kerahl was founded on March 3rd of 2000 on the Napa Valley shard of Ultima Online. Originally named the Cult of the Midnight Wraiths, we have maintained our status as a Heavy RP guild throughout these twelve years. Our mission is: Increase the quantity and quality of Roleplay, regardless of what or where we play.

We are successful Raid Leaders and PVPs as well. First and foremost however, we are Roleplayers. Whether you're a seasoned Roleplayer or completely new to the RP playstyle, we will break you down and rebuild you- and we'll all enjoy the experience.

We've been successful on many servers, in many games such as:

Ultima Online
-Napa Valley
-Second Age (Freeshard)

World of Warcraft
-Shadow Council
-Twisting Nether
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

Tabula Rasa

Star Wars: The Old Republic
-Ajunta Pall
-Jung Ma
-Ebon Hawk

Elder Scrolls Online
-North America