17th of Raevu, Age 310 in the Chain of Decay

You will not mimic the Outlander.
Outlanders are non-RPs. The /say, /yell, and /emote channels are IC at all times, no exceptions.

You will not abandon the Church.
Members who don’t log in at least every 10 days are considered inactive and subject to dismissal.

You will abide the Ministry.
Ministers are the Church leadership.

You will address the Ministry as “Lord.”
Ministers (both male and female) are to be addressed as “Lord.”

You will not profane the Sacred Secrets.
Church practices and beliefs must not be shared with outsiders.

You will not take a Fiihlyte in secret.
Only a Priest or Minister may take a Fiihlyte.

You will call the teacher “Master.”
A Fiihlyte will refer to his teacher as “Master.”

You will not split the soul.
Only your main character may join.

You will not be counted among outsiders.
The Church is your main guild.

You will not neglect the Vestry.
You must register as your character name on the forums and check them regularly.

A Heretic will not enter Kal E Belal.
Leaving the guild is not an acceptable resolution to any problem.