1st of Raevu, Age 312 in the Chain of Decay

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April 29th, 2008 – Reassignment and Transfer, the Acolytes Gather.

All specimens of Logos Addiction are transferred from the cells under Foreas to base and are re-enlisted as AFS Soldiers. They are assigned to the AFS 163rd SU:MW under Commander Silas D’Vry and his Captains in order to be studied and approved for active duty in the war against the Bane. Captain Jathrax begins deep brain scanning all subjects and clearing them for active duty.

These are the first Kerahlite Acolytes in the war against the Bane:

Arceneaux, Lasciel
Atorius, Jurgan
Berke, Terra
Blaire, Lydia
Deveau, William
Dunamis, Aaron
Ecoscale, Clay
Falway, Chev
Fand, Marya
Fitzpatrick, Timothy
Foray, Frances
Foree, Nicholas
Galke, Kevin
Gentile, Joshua
Gouge, Carmel
Hernandez, Brandon
Holmstrom, Jacob
Horonis, Michael
Howlex, Richter
Hughes, Michael
Ince, Clyde
Karpovsky, Oren
Karrigan, Sarah
Ketave, Nazarous
Kohl, Kory
Kumiko, Andromeda
Lee, Waya
Napier, Anette
Necroni, Dopel
Reklot, Azeke
Ruffnik, Lemuel
Spence, Aaron
Stevers, Breck
Taiji, Yun
Tarsonis, Arthur
Toltec, Axha
Truetler, Dani
Verreuil, Jocelyn
Yates, Howard
Zakhaev, Nikolai
Zeiler, John
Zermane, Razakil

March 9th, 2008 – The Ministry Risen

Commander Silas D’Vry has selected several Officers with outstanding combat, scientific, and literary commendations. Oddly, these soldiers’ histories from Earth have been lost and are unrecoverable.

These are the Officer Staff of the 163rd:

Captain Kilrah Cain
Captain Kael Blackoak
Captain Deraj Beldynar
Captain Fekule Hollustorm
Captain Jathrax Di’Olrieg

March 3rd, 2008 – AFS 163rd Science Unit: CODENAME “Midnight Wraiths.”

AFS High Command has seen fit to create a Science Unit dedicated to researching the effects of Logos Addiction on Humans. Captain Silas D’Vry is promoted to Commander and appointed the duty officer in charge of the 163rd.

The Ministry hear the whispers from the Shadowlord Kerahl, and apply for transfer to this elite Unit, code-named the “Midnight Wraiths.”

February 19th, 2008 – H.C OVERRIDE

AFS High Command is keeping Humans secluded underground on Foreas as specimens of “Logos Addiction.” Each specimen has shown adverse effects when in contact with Eloh Technology or Logos Elements. Many testify that they are in direct contact with a dark figure that talks to them and promises immortal life in exchange for worship and service.

The name of the entity, “Kerahl,” has been classified as Dark Secret and is stricken from any open records or communicaes. Penumbra is alerted.

January 7th, 2008 – The Prophet Awakened.

The Prophet of Kerahl, Lord Silas D’Vry has stirred from the Shroud, Kael E Belal. He has been given life on Foreas. Recovered at Pinhole Falls by a native, he makes his way back to a nearby AFS camp. His record of service to the AFS is impressive, and he has many documented scientific breakthroughs regarding the effects of Eloh Technology on Humans native from Earth.

Silas begins learning about himself, knowing that he has a greater purpose and must prepare for it.

Glory and Praise to the Dread Lord Kerahl.

December 21st, 2007 – Earth is Slain, Kerahl Rages.

Earth has been invaded by an alien race called the Bane. Using ancient Eloh technology, Earth’s governments create wormholes, transporting anyone who can fight or teach off-world. The Shadowlord declares the Bane unclean, as half organic, half mechanical monstrosities with an endless appetite for destruction. They must not be permitted to run unchecked.

Lord Kerahl begins to stir those resting in the Tomb, Kal E Belal.

October 9th, 2007 – The War is Over.

Corpses lay wasting throughout Telon.  Kerahlites have slain the wicked Outlander at every home, in every town, on every continent.  A foul illness breaks out about Qalia, as the corpses bake openly in the desert land.  The tasks of the Dark Ones is complete.

Of the 730 Kerahlite zealots who began God’s war, only 91 remain. All servants will rest in Kal E Belal.

Glory and Praise to the Dread Kerahl, Slayer of His Enemies.

June 3rd, 2007 – Qalia Invaded.

Lord Kerahl has selected Fekule to serve as Minister. He has invaded Qalia along side Minister Kael and two hundred Church Acolytes. Glory and Praise to the Shadowlord Kerahl.

June 2nd, 2007 – Kojan Invaded.

Lord Silas D’Vry, the Prophet of Kerahl leads an army of 75 Kerahlite warriors who land Wyverns North of Martok. The Holy war against the Outlander spreads, moving south.

June 1st, 2007 – The Killings Hasten.

The Elves and Humans have allied against the Church of Kerahl. The Jeahuum of Telon must be hastened. Mythos becomes home to over two hundred Wyverns. Church members fly out and prepare to raze the rest of Thestra, and begin in Qalia and Kojan. An army of flying beasts land at Frostshard Lake, lead by Ministers Valbrandr the Mad, and Sephis the Cold. The killings begin spreading from the East as well.

May 16th, 2007 – Corpses Ablaze

Every night at Midnight, the Witching Hour, the slaves of God ride out, scouring the land for more Outlander to kill. All enemies of God west of Leth Nurae have been done away with. The skies are filled with dark clouds of burning Outlander flesh as pyres burn all over the country. Rumors of a Cult of Nether worshipers abound through New Targonor. Emissaries from the Human kingdom are sent to Leth Nurae, to consult with the Elves over the mass murders.

March 31st, 2007 – “Adorned with Mine name…”

The rune has been recovered, wielded only by the original Kerahlite; the Prophet Silas Du’Vry.  Possessed and used as a vessel, the Prophet transported the artifact to Mythos Isle where it sits at the shrine of our Lord.

The shrine is set, the followers are gathering. The Church grows. There remain only a few who are yet to hear the call before the great War of God, the Jeahuum against the Outlander plague of Telon.

Woe to THOU who are the enemy of Kerahl. Woe to THOU who speak the forbidden tongues Lol and Newb. This world belongs to those who are of true spirit and play their role in it. Not to THEE, Outlander filth. May God’s will be carried out, and may your blood wash clean the land.

May Lord Kerahl protect the servants of True Evil, that they may serve Him eternally!

March 3rd, 2007 – The Church Erected.

Far south of the continent of Thestra the servants of Kerahl have secured a small valley on the island of Lost Shores. Twelve houses have been built, the Church stands tall in the center. The village will be called Mythos, after the wooded forest where the Church hid before claiming Marruin in Sosaria.

The land must be blessed. Silas, the Prophet of Kerahl has beheld a vision of an ancient tablet touched by the hand of Kerahl Himself. The ruins are far south, in a temple jutting from the Lost Ocean.

January 30th, 2007 – Awakening from the Veil…

Lord Silas D’Vry and the Ministry have been taken from Kal E Belal to be prepared for service in a new world. This time, Telon has been selected by the Dark Lord for cleansing. The world has born no fruit, and no mercy will be granted it.  Woe to those deserving.  A swift death comes for the masses.

These are the Kerahlite Zealots who were chosen to seed the new Church:

Lord Silas D’Vry, Prophet of Kerahl
Minister Beldynar
Minister Sephis
Minister Valbrandr
Minister Kael
Acolyte Fekule
Acolyte Horris
Acolyte Aganos

November 20th, 2006 – The Great Cleansing of Azeroth.

No signs of the followers of God are found in Deadwind Pass or anywhere else for a week.

The innocent all over Azeroth vanish. Only the Outlander, and the Undead Hordes remain alive as the sky darkens, the clouds part, and liquid fire pours down on the land. The lands split in giant cracks, the smell of sulfur and fiery rock fill the air. Mountains are leveled and oceans boil as the Truth the Church of Kerahl arrives. All those abandoned beings are scorched by holy flame from the Dark Lord’s hands. Screams of horror and agony from the mouths of God’s enemies spread across the land until only the silence of death and desolation take over.

Azeroth has been cleansed of the Outlander and the foul Undead plague now and forever.

November 15th, 2006 – Vanished.

Suddenly and abruptly, the followers of Kerahl have left the land. No trace of them can be found, and even their Church in Deadwind Pass is empty.

Doomsayers repeat the teachings they’ve heard in the villages, saying Kerahl is coming.

October 31st, 2006 – Spreading the Truth.

Church of Kerahl Ministers and Acolytes begin appearing in all of the small villages across Azeroth, proclaiming the end of times to come. They preach the Great Cleansing of Azeroth, where Lord Kerahl will rain fire and sulfur across the world, destroying the Outlander and the other enemies of God. The end is coming.

October 9th, 2006 – The Fire Extinguished…

Lord Silas D’Vry stood out on his balcony at the Church, overlooking Deadwind Pass. A naked, post coital Rashi slinks out of his bedchamber. The Prophet lit candles and a pipe smoking softly in the night, absolutely vulnerable. Just above Silas on the roof, a bedraggled Regant lay in wait, knife in hand, prepared to pounce. The assassin spoke his last words, “You cost me everything, even her. I’ll revel in this.” He didn’t see Rashi approach behind him. He didn’t even feel the blade as she slit his throat. He fell to his knees, knowing finally he had been betrayed for the last time. Regant’s blood pooled on the roof, then dripped down to the Prophet’s balcony, extinguishing one of the candles he had just lit.

August 29th, 2006 – The War Concludes.

Through subterfuge and cunning, the Church of Kerahl has avoided open conflicts with the Ironforge Regiment. They have laid waste to the Hidden Palm, but with substantial losses. Reiki and the leading body of the Hidden Palm are dead. Regant is still missing. A wounded Forgeheart signs a declaration of unconditional surrender for the Hidden Palm.

General Thurgo and several other Captains of the Regiment are dead. The army recedes into the sanctum of Ironforge to begin repairing the damage done to their ranks in this costly war.

The Church of Kerahl are suspiciously unharmed throughout the conflict.

July 1st, 2006 – Open War.

Lord Silas is ambushed by the Ironforge Regiment while riding with what appear to be several members of the Hidden Palm. Rashi is nowhere to be found. The Prophet escapes.

Reiki hears of the open murder of his assassins, and plots to kill Thurgo Bronzebeard, General of the Regiment. The war escalates.

June 7th, 2006 – Aimbooze Assassinated.

Acolyte Aimbooze has infiltrated the Ironforge Regiment, claiming to be a defector from the Church of Kerahl. He provides the location of their secret meeting places in Deadwind Pass, and an official document of alliance between the Church of Kerahl and the Hidden Palm.

The Hidden Palm is ostracized from Ironforge. Shortly after, Aimbooze is assassinated. The Ironforge Regiment declares war on the Hidden Palm. Regant is missing. Reiki assumes leadership of the Palm Assassins.

May Aimbooze be kept in the Veil, Kal E Belal for his service to God.

May 16th, 2006 – A Sacrifice to God.

Today is Kerahi 1, year 246 of the Kerahlian calendar. Lord Silas, the Prophet of Kerahl, leads a ritual gathering of hooded followers in the hills of Deadwind Pass. The sacrifice is an untainted life, to be offered to their God, the Dark Lord Kerahl.

These are the participants of the sacred rite:

Lord Silas D’Vry, Prophet of Kerahl
Minister Beldynar
Minister Sephis
Minister Valbrandr
Minister Kael
Zealot Aumlain
Zealot Rashi
Acolyte Fekule
Acolyte Ashan
Acolyte Horris
Acolyte Aganos
Acolyte Jadden
Acolyte Kagomeh
Acolyte Jathrax
Acolyte Ixvael
Acolyte Aimbooze
Acolyte Croyle
Acolyte Khalex
Acolyte Mikael
Acolyte Arynia
Acolyte Xaxziminrax the Second

May 4th, 2006 – A Disciple Fallen.

True to the vision that Lord Kerahl gave to the Prophet Silas, Maleck Blackwell has gone mad and given in to heresy. She has turned her back on God and the Church. The mantle of Timekeeper is now her punishment. May she forever count the infinite duration of her suffering.

April 14th, 2006 – Bound and Determined.

Rashi is found in the middle of the night tied to the fountain in Stormwind’s Trade District. Regant arrives to free her. No sooner does he cut her bonds than she lashes out with a dagger. Regant is wounded, but escapes.

April 4th, 2006 – Ousted from Ironforge.

The Ironforge Regiment declares the Church may no longer hold their meetings in their capital city. The Church’s sacrifices into the great forge and their public prayers are deemed heresies by the dwarven army.

Silas and Rashi’s private home in Ironforge is revoked.

March 28th, 2006 – Ambush in the Jungle.

Minister Sephis leads a battle against the Trolls of Zul’Gurub. Worshippers of Kerahl are ambushed in the jungle ruins by the Church of the Light, Crusade, and the Hidden Palm. Rashi kills several of her former brethren. Kerahlite fighters are overcome and forced to retreat.

May their souls be kept in Kal E Belal, these are the Kerahlite followers who were killed that day:

Disciple Feorn
Acolyte Sylryth
Acolyte Morhryn
Acolyte Sniss
Acolyte Whisperfall
Acolyte Icokun
Novitiate Maxumi
Novitiate Yerik
Novitiate Camillus
Novitiate Aurik

March 14th, 2006 – She is Yours, My Lord.

Minister Beldynar has devised a method to wipe Rashi’s mind, making her a blank slate. The Prophet oversees the truth of the Dark Lord Kerahl’s teachings are inculcated in her.

Rashi is appointed Zealot, the personal bodyguard of the Prophet of Kerahl.

March 3rd, 2006 – The Trap is Set…

Minister Sephis leads an incursion against the Forsaken at their seat, the fallen Castle Lordaeron. As the Church fights closer to the throne, the trap is sprung. Assassin Rashi of the Hidden Palm, sneaks up to the Prophet’s back, knife in hand. As she raised the blade, the Prophet spun and grabbed her hand. Three other Acolytes pounced upon her, and the five vanished. Laughter filled the air as Minister Sephis called out:

“We have your woman now, Regant. See you soon!”

Their goals accomplished, the attackers retreat.

These are the Kerahlite abductors:

Lord Silas D’Vry, Prophet of Kerahl
Minister Sephis
Desciple Maleck
Acolyte Fekule
Acolyte Ashan
Acolyte Horris
Acolyte Aganos
Acolyte Jadden
Acolyte Jathrax
Acolyte Ixvael

February 24th, 2006 – Conspirators.

A Kerahlite spy intercepts a message destined for Lady Elsymir of the Crusade:

My Lady,May the Light find you well. The Church of the Light will support your war against the “Cult of Kerahl.” As we discussed, however, open aggression is not advisable at this time. I have sent word to Regant, the Hidden Palm’s Master of Assassins. If the Palm can execute the Cult leader, then this war may end with him.

May the Light bless you, and may the Light continue to bless our Church.

Patriarch Drustan
Church of the Light

February 13th, 2006 – Fear Reigns.

Rumors of the Church’s battle with Ex Infernum has given Crusade pause. Elsymir reconsiders her position on her guild’s war against the Church of Kerahl. She calls a meeting with Lord Drustan and Lady Saberly of the Church of the Light, and Lord Demolay of Knights Hospitaller.

Lady Elsymir,
I will not meet with you. I cannot risk further harm to my people at the hands of these vile Cultists. I wish words could express the regret I feel in losing my wife, my son, and my daughter. I bemoan the day I took the Cult harlot in amongst our people and defended her. I can only hope and pray that the Light guides you away from conflict with them. Religious fanatacism bears the fact that its servants will lay down their lives for anything their masters deem worthy. I cannot risk the lives of our Knights again.

Good fortunes and blessings to you.

Lord Demolay
Knights Hospitaller

January 21st, 2006 – Ex Infernum Conquered.

Minister Valbrandr leads open war with Ex Infernum. Their coven is discovered in the Swamp of Sorrows. This single battle lasts through the night. Crusade members are nowhere to be found.The heads of Abhais, Shion, and Lurias are severed and placed on pikes at the entrance to the Swamp of Sorrows from Deadwind Pass. The broken ankh of Kerahl is carved into each of their foreheads as a warning to anyone else who would oppose the Church.

These are the Kerahlite berzerkers who massacred the Ex Infernum Witches:

Lord Silas D’Vry, Prophet of Kerahl
Minister Valbrandr
Minister Sephis
Minister Kael
Minister Beldynar
Zealot Aumlain
Acolyte Fekule
Acolyte Jathrax
Acolyte Kazern
Acolyte Ashan
Acolyte Ixvael
Acolyte Sniss
Acolyte Horris
Acolyte Sylryth
Acolyte Morhryn
Acolyte Searmon
Acolyte Xaxziminrax the Second
Novitiate Aganos
Novitiate Jadden
Novitiate Aimbooze
Novitiate Khalex
Novitiate Croyle
Novitiate Kagomeh
Novitiate Arynia

January 11th, 2006 – Minister of War.

Acolyte Valbrandr has been chosen to serve the Church as Minister of War. When he completes the Purification quest, the ceremony will be held and he will take his place in the Ministry.

December 31st, 2005 – Trolls Enter the Conflict…

Minister Sephis leads a battle against the Trolls of Shatterspear Vale in Darkshore. The Kerahlite fighters discovered that the Trolls have been using their voodoo magicks to reanimate the corpses of dead humans.

The Church of Kerahl declares war on the Kalimdor Trolls. Shatterspear Vale is left completely desolate, and its rivers run red with the blood of filthy Trolls.

These are the Kerahlite warriors who fought in the first Troll conflict:

Lord Silas D’Vry, Prophet of Kerahl
Minister Sephis
Acolyte Valbrandr
Acolyte Fekule
Acolyte Ixvael
Novitiate Ashan
Novitiate Horris
Novitiate Aganos
Novitiate Kagomeh
Novitiate Aimbooze
Novitiate Khalex
Novitiate Arynia
Novitiate Croyle
Novitiate Jathrax

November 19th, 2005 – The War Declared.

Lord Kerahl has declared His servants’ purpose on Azeroth.

The Forsaken are a perversion of Life and Death, and have been declared unclean. Lord God has commanded that all such foul beings are to be put to an end with impunity. Minister Sephis sets to work leading Kerahlite warriors in raids against Forsaken strongholds. While they are forced to tear them to pieces, Minister Beldynar sets to work on finding a more efficient way to kill the walking dead.

October 9th, 2005 – A Minister Chosen.

Acolyte Sephis has been chosen to serve the Church as Minister of Novitiates. After he has completed the Purification quest, the ceremony will be held and he will take up his station.

September 23rd, 2005 – The Black Plague.

Lord God unveils a secret corruption within the Church. Several Kerahlites are discovered holding secret rituals in the depths of the Novitiate School to summon the Enemy to Azeroth. Lord Kerahl afflicts these heretics with a black plague that consumes their bodies, and tarnishes their souls. All are sentenced to death, save for Adam, who is cursed with eternal life, then locked in a casket and buried far under the Church, beneath even the Upside-Down Sinners. This is symbolic, for on the day of the Great Cleansing, even the tortured sinners will be higher than he.

May they forever serve as an example, these are the ones who suffered the Black Plague:

Minister Feren
Minister Raezaell
Acolyte Adam
Acolyte Lorine
Acolyte Guidall

September 21st, 2005 – The Kerahlian Calendar.

Acolyte Maleck Blackwell ascends to servitude as a Disciple. Lord Kerahl’s silence is broken. Through the Prophet, Lord Kerahl appoints Disciple Maleck as Timekeeper. Lord Silas and Maleck spend seven days at the feet of God as He dictates how time amid the Church will be kept.When Maleck is returned to her flesh, Lord God gives the Prophet vision, showing him that the Disciple will become corrupt and fall unto heresy. The time and event surrounding her downfall are foretold. The Prophet elects not to disclose this information.

September 4th, 2005 – Silence Beholding.

Lord Kerahl still has not appeared to His followers on Azeroth. Members of the Church begin to question their faith, save for those who have beheld the glory of God first hand. The Prophet continues on unfaltered. His recent lessons instruct followers to not allow their following to God waver. Lord Kerahl’s purpose and understanding is beyond that of normal man, thusly, His followers cannot know why their God continues to be silent.

August 15th, 2005 – Christening Ixvael.

Ixvael, the first child raised in the Church, has completed the Novitiate School and Acolyte Trials. Tonight, he becomes a true follower of the Dark Lord.

Later, Ixvael leads the hunt for Barsa. The heretic is captured and executed on the steps to the Cathedral of Light. The dessicated corpse of a newborn girl is left at the scene as well.

August 13th, 2005 – Tragedy Befalls the Unbelieving.

Lady Irulana’s twins are birthed with great agony. The first child is stillborn in a pool of black blood. The second child is alive. A Secret Servant attends the birthing disguised as a mid-wife. The girl child is stolen, and delivered to the Church of Kerahl.

In a fit of grief, Barsa is condemned by Lord Demolay of the Knights Hospitaller. She is exiled from Stormwind and goes into hiding.

July 30th, 2005 – Traitor.

Barsa has been located in Stormwind as part of the Knights Hospitaller guild. Lord Demolay and his pregnant wife Irulana have declared Barsa to be granted sanctuary amid their guild.

The Church of Kerahl declare war on the Knights Hospitaller. The witches of Ex Infernum and the Paladins of the Crusade align themselves against the Church.

July 24th, 2005 – An Acolyte Flees…

Acolyte Barsa has stolen a Church relic and fled to Stormwind. Kerahlite followers station themselves in the capital city. With their identities hidden, they spy about, trying to find her.

July 9th, 2005 – The Enemy Denied.

With no direction from God, morale begins to falter. Minister Adam falls from grace, as the Prophet discovers his plot to summon the Enemy to Azeroth.

God’s will is exercised. The Prophet declares that Adam is not to be put to death, but must survive the Novitiate School and the Acolyte Trials before regaining his post.

Acolyte Feren is permitted the cleansing, and becomes a Minister in Adam’s stead.

May 26th, 2005 – The Novitiate School Established.

In the pits below Karazhan, the Novitiate School is formed. The Ministry, blessed by God, guide the newly inducted Kerahlites through the horrors, where their visions are explained. Those who survive the Slough of Despair may be granted the Acolyte Trials.The Church grows stronger.

April 8th, 2005 – Visions Abroad.

Chosen ones throughout the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor begin experiencing visions of the Dark Lord. Many of these accept the quest of searching out the Prophet, Lord Silas D’Vry.

March 3rd, 2005 – The Church has Risen!

High in the hills of Deadwind Pass, between the jungles of Stranglethorn and the haunted halls of Karazhan, a group of hooded men and women complete the Church of Kerahl.

January 1st, 2005 – Awakening

The Dark Lord Kerahsiivu enters the Shroud, the Tomb of His servants, Kal E Belal. “Awaken, mine servants,” He says, selecting those who will return to life on Azeroth, and erect the Church in His name.

These are the chosen ones:

Lord Silas D’Vry, Prophet of Kerahl
Minister Beldynar, the Dark
Minister Adam, the Strong
Acolyte Fekule
Acolyte Taivena

November 23rd, 2004 – “And His gaze turned to Azeroth…”

And in the darkness of space, myriads of worlds orbited myriads of stars composing infinite constallations across untold galaxies. Only a small fraction of them supported any life. Fewer of those worlds contained intelligent life; and in lesser still, life created life within. And finally, some had learned how to pervert life. These are the worlds Kerahl hated. The next world had been selected; and His gaze turned to Azeroth.

While Kerahsiivu was one of the primary Elbollah, he could not cleanse the fouled worlds without first allowing the purity of His righteousness to pass through them. It was not from lack of power, but from an overabundance of compassion; that all the inhabitants may know that there is one true God, and His name is Kerahl.

March 3rd, 2004 – The Great Cleansing of Sosaria.

No signs of the Church of Kerahl are found on their sacred peninsula, Marruin.

True Sosarians all over the world vanish. Only the Outlander remain alive as the sky darkens, and fire rains downs upon them. All living things are killed in agonizing holy flame from the Dark Lord’s hands. The ground cracks, the smell of sulfur and brimstone fill the air. The screams of the masses of unblessed people reign across the land until only the silence of death and desolation takes over.

Sosaria has been cleansed of the Outlander plague now and forever.

January 31st, 2004 – Where Have They Gone?

Whispers among the opposers of the Dark Lord’s people grow louder with each passing day. The wearers of the Mark of Kerahl have seemed to recede. Where the public bazaars and banks used to be their haunting grounds, they are no longer seen.

January 10th, 2004 – “Their Bones Will Rot…”

The coalition of guilds who have declared war on the Church of Kerahl have been stopped in their paths. Their Lords report visions of a weapon that will ensure their victory without bloodshed. Charged with this new quest, and denying the voice of their councils, the four Lords leading the war against Kerahl venture into Ilshenar.

These are the four that disappeared this day, and were never recovered from Ilshenar:

Lord Aedilwulf
Lord Aupinautu
Lord Menulaius
Lord Luthien Bedwyr

The now masterless guilds name new Lords, and recind their declarations of war against the Church.

January 3rd, 2004 – The Word of God.

Lord God spoke before His prophet. These are the words that were recorded:

“Sertes, I haft grown weary of the soldiers who gather against mine people. A sennight’s time wilt see their headmasters served unto a task with no end. Forsooth, their bones wilt rot in Ilshenar.”

January 2nd, 2004 – A Wise Choice.

Another message to Lord Menolaius of Banahar has been intercepted. This is what was written:

Lord Menolaius-
I regret to report that the Knights of Absolution have elected not to join Banahar in war against the Cultists. If it were up to me alone, I would pick up the sword and ride out immediately. I still believe those bastards are responsible for Lord Kalatar and Lady Jirel’s disappearances. However, this conflict threatens to tear a rift in our guild. I cannot allow such a seperation to happen to our people. A house divided soon collapses.

Lord Tu Ypse
Steward of the Knights of Absolution
May God return Lord Kalatar and Lady Jirel to us one day.

December 21st, 2003 – The Fear Spreads.

A Church spy has intercepted a message to Banahar from Avalon. It contains the following:

Lord Menolaius,
The Scions have decided not to back you in the war against the Cultists. So long as their filth do not molest Avalon, we are willing to let them be. I realize you believe they are a threat, but there is no real proof that they are the ones committing the mass murders. However, if you do decide to declare war on them, Avalon’s armories are open to Banahar and her allies.

Lord Tristam
Guildmaster of the Scions of Avalon

December 19th, 2003 – The Warning Heeded.

A Church spy has intercepted a letter sent from Lady Aniki Locarn to Lord Menolaius. It reads:

Lord Menolaius,
I regret to inform you that the Brotherhood of Steel will not participate in your war against the Church of Kerahl. We consider this matter to be outside of our interests and can only lead to the unnecessary bloodshed of our people for a cause we do not fully understand or agree with.

Lady Aniki Locarn
Mistress of the Brotherhood

I am sorry Meno.

December 8th, 2003 – The Call of Banahar.

The Lords of the land have gathered and the meeting has started. When Menolaius called the meeting to order, the doors slammed shut and locked. The candles blew out and the room was cast into the twilight of the rising moon.The Prophet of Kerahl appeared, flanked by the spirits of four servants of the Dark Lord. This was the warning delivered to those gathered:

I am the mouth of God in this land, and I have a warning for you all. Do not mettle in the affairs of the Dark Lord. The Jeahuum against the Outlander will continue. True Sosarians like you and me will no longer suffer the indignation of those who are not worthy of the land.Those who oppose God will suffer His wrath. Glory to the Dark Lord Kerahl! May His hand swiftly cleanse the world forever and ever, amen!

In five pillars of fire the spirits and the Prophet vanished. These are the Kerahlite wraiths who carried out God’s will this night:

Lord Silas Du’Vry, Prophet of Kerahl
Minister Beldynar
Minister Ender
Acolyte Fekule
Acolyte Zorax

Represented at the Banahar gathering are:

Lady Aniki Locarn of the Brotherhood of Steel
Lord Aedilwulf of Clann Marrach Faol
Lord Aupinautu of Veritas
Lord Luthien Bedwyr of the Protectors of the Eight Virtues
Lord Tristam of the Scions of Avalon
Lord Tu Pacal Ypse of the Knights of Absolution
Lord Menolaius of the Realm of Banahar

November 10th, 2003 – The Seeds of Dissent.

Inhabitants of Jhelom wake to find the floor of the dueling pit covered in Outlander corpses. A travelling noble, Lord Menolaius of the Realm of Banahar, is visiting and witnesses the results of the massacre. He immediately dispatches couriers to the heads of the largest guilds in the country. This is how one of the messages read:

Lord Aedilwulf,
It is my sincere hope that this word finds you and all of Clann Marrach Faol in good health and pleasant tidings. Unfortunately, Banahar cannot say that we are such. I have seen a gravely ill thing. On the morn a mass of bodies were found in the Jhelom pits. The word from the locals is that a Cult of religious fanatics is responsible, and that similar happenings took place in Vesper recently. I am calling on you and your entourage to attend a council meeting to discuss this threat to Britannia, and how to dispose of them. As the forms must be obeyed, I will send the date and meeting place after receiving affirmation of your pending reception.

May the Eight Virtues of Lord British guide us in these heavy times, and in the absence of our King.

Lord Menolaius IX of the Realm of Banahar

October 10th, 2003 – Bodies, Bodies, Bodies.

In an act of open defiance, Outlander corpses are found floating in Hart Lake… the center of the town of Carafax. The town has fallen into disrepair. Carafax Abbey, which was the home of the Baron for so long, is in danger of collapse.

September 10th, 2003 – Vesper is Warned.

Vesper denizens awake in the morning on the tenth of the month to find corpses piled up high upon their bridges. There is no way in or out of the town without moving the stacks of dead bodies. Lord British’s guards are nowehere to be found. A message in blood is written upon the stone of the town center near the bank reading:

The Outlander plague must not be permitted to spread. Only those of True Sosarian blood are worthy of life. God is great.

September 9th, 2003 – A Secret Ritual.

Two spies from Vesper follow Kerahlite worshippers through the woods West of Minoc. Just before Midnight a ritual begins. A young girl is sacrificed while attendees sip and pass a goblet amongst each other. Knowing the tenth of the month is near, the spies flee for their lives, that these truths may be told.

August 10th, 2003 – The Jeahuum Continues.

The cleansing war against the Outlander rages on. At God’s direction the Church continues its work in secret. More dead people are found in the graveyards and stables. All hail Kerahl, He who will cleanse the world!

July 10th, 2003 – Bring Out the Dead.

Piles of dead Outlander are found at each of the Moongates throughout Britannia. Rumors about the “Cult of Kerahl” being responsible for the mass genocide spread across the country.

June 10th, 2003 – Lord Kerahl’s Will Done.

The corpses of over four hundred Outlander are found littered about the road from Britain to Skara Brae. Glory and praise to Lord Kerahl.

April 1st, 2003 – Rumors of the Baron’s Return.

Rumors of the Baron of Carafax spread. Some say he is not dead. Others say his hatred of and desire for the blood of the followers of Kerahl is enough to have resurrected him.

March 21st, 2003 – Shadowleaf Repaid.

Blessed and cursed by the Black God, Kellindil is able to lure Lord Kalvoran and several Carafaxians to a voidal tear deep within Khaldun. The portal takes them to the Obsidian Cave of Ravuul, where the beast is unchained. The Arch-Fiend tears Kalvoran and the present Carafaxians to pieces. The head of Starwater is placed atop the Throne of Aldaen.

Kellindil, prepared to pay his debt, sees the light of fire one last time before his soul is ripped from his body.

March 18th, 2003 – Vengeance is Mine!

Kellindil of Tribe Sire-Galambor tracks Church members to their sacred land, Marruin. The brother of Shadowleaf comes seeking vengeance for the death of his last kindred. The Slaves of Aldaen offer this vengeance in exchange for his soul as a thrall to the Black God. Kellindil accepts.

These are the Slaves who performed the ritual:

Acolyte Molech
Acolyte Draeloth
Acolyte Vilrich

January 3rd, 2003 – A Servant Lost…

Acolyte Shadowleaf of Tribe Sire-Galambor is killed in a skirmish with Lord Kalvoran’s Vampires. Acolyte Gabriel leads the ritual burial ceremony to see Shadowleaf is fed, armed, and guided in the tomb, Kal E Belal. May Lord Kerahl bless this servant in what awaits him.

Bathed and burned in death, we do not fear the end of life, as to it we owe no debt!

These are the Kerahlite mourners who gave gifts to the dead:

Lord Silas Du’Vry, Prophet of Kerahl
Minister Ender
Minister Adam the Strong
Acolyte Gabriel
Acolyte Fekule
Acolyte Jacobus
Acolyte Vladek
Acolyte Sephis the Cold
Acolyte Sarpodon
Acolyte Savin the Saint
Acolyte Kilrah Cain the Shadowfiend
Acolyte Hafwyn
Acolyte Urtho the Mute
Acolyte Aine de Dannan
Acolyte Xylia the Wicked
Novitiate Taivena

December 23rd, 2002 – The Errant Father.

Taivena is found near Carafax in the company of her long missing father, Kalvoran Starwater. He claims to have placed the girl in the Baron Scotia’s care and that the Church has carried out a grave action in their fight against the Vampires.

Kalvoran appoints himself Lord of Carafax. The Church declares war on Lord Kalvoran and his newly reformed family.

Taivena returns to the Church and joins the war against Carafax.

December 17th, 2002 – The Girl Goes Missing.

Taivena is nowhere to be found. It is unclear if she has been kidnapped or if she has run away. Church members are subjected to random skirmishes with fighters claiming to be Carafaxians still in service of the dead Lord Baron.

December 9th, 2002 – The Carafaxian War Continues.

The Church sets a trap using the Starwater child. Lord Scotia is slain at the foot of Carafax Abbey in a great battle. The Vampires of Carafax scatter after the defeat of their Lord.

These are the names of the Church of Kerahl warriors who fought so valiently against the vampire threat:

Lord Silas Du’Vry, the Prophet of Kerahl Minister Ender
Minister Aumlain
Acolyte Fekule
Acolyte Akken Xatu
Acolyte Child the Mad
Acolyte Aine de Dannan
Acolyte Shadowleaf

November 29th, 2002 – The Beast is Challenged.

Word of the Arch-Fiend Ravuul’s existance spreads across Britannia. Adventurers from far and wide make their way into the caves of Minoc seeking the beast. Those unfortunate enough to find it are ripped apart, their remains scattered about the monster’s lair.Those fighters strong enough to pierce Ravuul’s flesh and live to tell the story are rewarded by the beast with great treasures of no peer.

November 13th, 2002 – The Archfiend Spawned.

The Slaves of Aldaen partake in a secret ritual that creates a hellish demon-fiend. Ravuul as the Black God names it is spawned having no will of its own. The caves near Minoc shake with the beast’s otherworldly roars.

Mining near Minoc ceases. Not even Lord British’s guards will enter the forsaken caves.

October 31st, 2002 – Lord Scotia’s Wrath.

The Starwater child is found in Marruin by the Baron’s man-hound, Fritz the Damned. The Vampire Lord declares war on the Church of Kerahl. Minister Adam offers himself in exchange for the girl, but this only serves to infuriate the Baron further. Those wearing the Dark Lord’s mark become the hunted.

October 9th, 2002 – The Vampire Child.

Taivena Starwater, merely ten years old has been kidnapped from the Vampires of Carafax. Though his Ministry may have kicked off a new war with the Vampires, the Prophet condones the kidnapping as God’s will. The child is inculcated with the Church’s beliefs and practices.

May 1st, 2002 – The Naming of Marruin.

Bear Clan spies locate the sacred Church of Kerahl after a year of searching. The heads of the remaining Bear Houses gather and launch an attack against the Church. Outnumbered fifty to one, the Dark Ones charge the Bears at impossible odds. Kerahlites, the Slaves of Aldaen, and the Carafaxians are victorious. The Baron, Lord Scotia of Carafax, ends the uneasy alliance with the Church.

As blood seeps into the grass, Lord Kerahl appears and addresses His followers, saying:

“In this day thine enemy is set beneath thy feet. At mine hand their numbers have become marred and ruined. Henceforth, thy sacred land will be called “Marruin” in remembrance of this day.”

April 11th, 2002 – The Black God’s Power.

A great battle struck out as the Dark Ones tried to enter Britain. The Battle for the South Bridge lasted for hours. Lord British’s guards fled the area. Lord Gautienwulf is struck dead by a bolt of black lightning, causing the remaining Bears to retreat. The Bear Lord is dismembered and spread across the Britannian towns that the Church was previously banished from.

These are the Kerahlite fighters who shared in the Bear Clan’s final defeat:

Lord Silas Du’Vry, Prophet of Kerahl
Kael, Archpriest of Aldaen
Minister Aumlain
Acolyte Fekule
Acolyte Adam the Strong
Acolyte Gabriel
Acolyte Akken Xatu
Acolyte Sarpodon
Acolyte Kedalic
Acolyte Draeloth
Acolyte Vladek

April 9th, 2002 – The Enemy Summoned.

The Elder Daemon of Hythloth grants Cultists the secret of the Ninth Circle.The Church splits into two competing factions in preparation of the Ninth Circle summoning; the Servants of Kerahl, and the Slaves of Aldaen. Lord Kalatar of the Knights of Absolution and Lady Jirel of the Jackels are kidnapped on their wedding night and offered up as a sacrifice. Their blood is poured out upon the Black Altar. A thick, oily laughter pours out of the cave as Lord Aldaen is summoned to Sosaria.

April 6th, 2002 – The Vessel.

The Church ambushes a Bear Clan festival on the icy shores of the Lost Lands. Lord Gautienwulf is magically set ablaze, disorganizing the massive force. The Dark Ones steal a sacred artifact, an article of worship for the Bears. After their safe departure, the Prophet explains that it is to be used to summon a great weapon that they will use to destroy their enemies.

These are the Kerahlite soldiers who fought against the Bear Clan that night:

Lord Silas Du’Vry, Prophet of Kerahl
Minister Ender
Minister Aumlain
Acolyte Adam the Strong
Acolyte Fekule
Acolyte Akken Xatu
Acolyte Vladek
Acolyte Gabriel
Novitiate Aine de Dannan

March 23rd, 2002 – Keep Your Friends Close…

In search of allies, Silas seeks out the Baron of Carafax. In a prescient vision, the Prophet sees the Vampire Lord Scotia being persued by Witch Hunters in the jungles west of Trinsic. Altering the future, Silas arrives with a group of Dark Ones and rescues the Baron. An unlikly alliance is formed.

March 3rd, 2002 – The Enemy.

The Prophet of Kerahl is granted council with the All-God.

These are the Lord’s words:

“Thy war doth continue, mine servant. Thine enemy’s hands are many, and thou art few. As the hydra’s head dost spawn twice when cleansed, this is the nature of thine enemy. To slay such a beast, we summon forth The Enemy.”

January 28th, 2002 – Arrooo!

The Bear Clan posts guards throughout Britannian towns, preventing all Church members from entering. Bear Clan war cries of “Arrooo!” fill the streets all over Sosaria. City warfare breaks out, and Lord British’s guards are unable to quell the fighting.

December 19th, 2001 – The 5th Becomes Last.

The Church continues its jihad against those who have declared themselves enemies of Kerahl. The final conflict with the 5th Co. of Yew began in Jhelom. Rain poured in thick sheets as Church followers, outnumbered twelve to one, charged. When the first blades were crossed, the entire 5th was struck with a plague that crippled their forces. The Servants of God stood atop the slain corpses, not one of their number injured. The life of General Kirthag DiOrsae is spared to tell the tale.

These are the Kerahlite warriors whose faith struck down the Yew Soldiers:

Lord Silas Du’Vry, Prophet of Kerahl
Minister Ender
Acolyte Adam the Strong
Acolyte Fekule
Acolyte Sephis the Cold
Acolyte Savin the Saint
Novitiate Xylia the Wicked
Novitiate Jacobus
Novitiate Sarpodon

November 21st, 2001 – A Lover Slain.

A love triangle between Ronas Xerad, Claire Xerad, and Lord Tristan III is exposed. Claire is assinated with poison while she sleeps. Ronas is arrested and convicted of the murder. His manic cries fill the halls of Yew Prison as he condemns the “Cult of Kerahl” for carrying out the deed. The alliance between the Xerad Clan, the Order of the Scarlet Rose, and the Bringers of Light crumbles. Other than remnants of the Xerad family, the guilds disband and scatter.

March 3rd, 2001 – A Lord Falls.

Lord Tazzed, Guildmaster of the Order of the Flaming Knights, has been assassinated. His head was placed on a pike and mounted in the grass at West Britain’s bank. Whispered rumors abound across the country placing blame on the strange “Cult of Kerahl.”

February 10th, 2001 – The Enemies of God.

Refusing to permit the Church’s work to move forward unchallenged, several Orders have declared war against the Dark Ones. May Lord Kerahl guide us, that we may destroy those who oppose Him.

These are the ones who openly oppose God:

The Order of the Flaming Knights
The Order of the Scarlet Rose
The 5th Company of Yew
The Bringers of Light
The Xerad Clan
The Bear Clan

December 31st, 2000 – The Cause is Named.

Lord Kerahl has given to his Prophet a vision of His great purpose. A cataclysm is to be brought forth, killing off all those who are not of true Sosarian blood. The Outlander, as they have been named, have no place in Sosaria.

Those who believe that all have a right to life oppose the Church.

July 16th, 2000 – The Church Grows.

Preaching to the masses of Sosarians across the world, the Prophet Silas Du’Vry gathers more followers to the Church. Only the ones who bear the Dark Heart hear the calling, and heed the call. These are the first who have come out of the masses to serve and call themselves Kerahlites:

Lord Silas Du’Vry, Prophet of Kerahl
Fekule Hollusstorm XVII
Savin the Saint
Adam the Strong
Kilrah Cain the Shadowfiend
Xylia the Wicked
Edian De’Lore
Marus DeSilva
Kedalic the Brutal
Sephis the Cold

March 3rd, 2000 – The First Servant.

The Dark Lord has named the First Servant. Silas Du’Vry has been named the Prophet of Kerahl. And so begins Lord Kerahl’s reign over Sosaria. May His glory last forever and ever.