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    Kneeling again… How many times must I kneel to strangers.

    The faint screams of the unworthy can still be heard way out here on the hills. The Tombs of Korriban prove to the the perfect whetstones to sharpen Acolytes into hardened Apprentices. A wind picks up. Dead, gray sand kicks up and just a quickly settles. I look to my sides and see two others kneeling beside me. Weak, inept, like sheep to a shepherd. Like slaves to a master. Why am I kneeling next to such filth?

    I had everything. Power, respect, influence, an apprentice in which I feared would take my life. All things expected of a Darth of the Sith Empire. The next step was to take it all away from one man above my own position.

    I was to arrogant. I had the support of the other among the council. They saw me fit to take our group to a new active role in the war. With contacts from other groups I manipulated events. Made the “Mentor” look like a blinded fool. I was going to be on top!

    He saw me coming.. Every action I took he laid out and exposed me for my actions against him. The influence I gained from the others was shattered. My apprentice promoted above me and ordered me to be taken out. My power gone, my respect gone. I have nothing.

    Now I kneel. Stripped of everything that made me who I was in this Galaxy. What drew me here? What do I lose everything and be cast back down with the common filth of the Sith Academy?

    “You, what do you seek to gain from the Shadowlord?”

    The commanding tone, I have heard the type. Talking down to the unworthy, the uninitiated. I look up and see a man with unwavering resolve. He was dedicated to his Cult as I was once dedicated to the Empire, to my followers.

    The first two answered thusly, “I want the power to destroy those that would stand in my way.” A typical response for the up and coming Acolyte.

    I lower my head, I hesitate. What can I expect from this “Shadowlord?” The title alone seems to be a mockery. The robed man steps closer, expecting my answer.

    “And you?” The man questions me, impatient as I gather my thoughts.

    “I only agreed to meet you to learn more of your people.” I stood and stared the man down. “I am not here to kneel like these walking bags of fodder.”

    This man stared at me and only smiled. Why was he smiling? I would be under pain of electrocution if this were a true Inquisitor of the Sith.

    He walked away and knelt into a pile of sand. He sank his fingers into the mound and pulled out a fist full of the dark sand. Walking back up to me he extended his arm and began releasing it. The sand caught the wind and began flying away.

    “Sand in the palm of the Prophet of the true God. You and so many others are the grains of sand. Only those that cling to the flesh of the hand are harvested and kept by the Shadowlord. Which will you be? will you be bound to He who will unlock the Truth of the Force, or will you be one of these other countless, insignificant grains of sand. Blown and scattered by the wound, never owning value or relevance?”

    I watched the sand as it fell. Each grain marked another thing taken from me. Another failure. As the grains stopped falling I knelt back to the ground. Humiliated by my past actions.

    “I will follow you, Prophet. What I desire from the Shadowlord is a foothold in this Galaxy and complete knowledge of the Force.”

    Again he smiles. He continues speaking about what to expect and what trials we will have to face. I space off and keep looking at this man through the Force. I have just bound myself to the wills of this one man.

    As his speech comes ot an end he asks that we stand. “Rise as you are now Seekers of the Cult.”

    Seeker… What I seek now is to be the embodiment of the Lord Prophets will and that of the Shadowlord.

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